railwayline clean up 2018


This family-friendly community project is an ideal way to spend a Sunday morning with the rest of the community cleaning up the area. We hope to see you there.

Date: 6 May 2018

The environment has been proven to influence our behaviour and thinking patterns and living near or commuting through the visual rubbish bin, that has become the norm for our railway line, seems a poor way for people to start and end their working day or gain entrance into our neighbourhood.

In 2002 Gail and the Friends of Harfield Parks started a garden at the station and started planting trees to green and beautify the area and encourage biodiversity,  that was taking a nose dive in the face of increasing urban densification.  Although battling in the drought at the moment, the garden is normally a joy to residents and commuters alike and we now have a row of trees from Harfield right through to Kenilworth station. (over 200 planted).

In 2012 started what has now become an Annual Harfield Railway Clean-up on the 1st Sunday in May.

With much appreciated help in recent years from the FOHP committee,  we now call on volunteers from the community to arrive at Kenilworth Station armed with black bags and gloves – and sturdy walking shoes, no open sandals.   

We walk down the line collecting all the rubbish that has accumulated over the year.  Labourers with weed eaters trim the long grass and the SANBI alien invasive unit arrive to remove undesirable plants.  Any temporary living structures are also removed.  

We all end at Harfield Station 2 hours later leaving behind a clean and neat section of line that remains that way for many months.

We are pleased to say that the success of our first clean-up has led to other communities having taken up the challenge by doing their section of the line. Could you imagine if we could get every community doing this……

If nothing else it is a great lesson in how we can all make a difference if we have a common goal and the will to work together.